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 MIcrosoft WIndows XP x64 Edition

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PostSubject: MIcrosoft WIndows XP x64 Edition   Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:33 pm

If you're shopping for a new PC you're probably going to come across systems that are designated "64-bit."
These are computers running 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, typically with 4GB of memory or more. Compared to 32-bit systems, which top out at around 3GB of memory, 64-bit PCs offer added responsiveness for people who are running a lot of applications at the same time and switching between them frequently.

If you want to be sure that your PC will be able to take advantage of increased memory and new hardware and software in the years ahead, a 64-bit PC is a good choice. If you run a lot of programs at once and switch back and forth between them often, a 64-bit PC can give you a more seamless, instantaneous response. And the more memory you have in your PC, the more programs you can run smoothly and simultaneously. If you only run one or two programs at the same time, a 32-bit PC is a fine choice.

ISO - bootable - original CD (copy), no serial needed. Activated.

Size : 582 MB(5x100+82)

or Microsoft-WIndows-XP-x64-Edition.part1.rar.html Microsoft-WIndows-XP-x64-Edition.part2.rar.html Microsoft-WIndows-XP-x64-Edition.part3.rar.html Microsoft-WIndows-XP-x64-Edition.part4.rar.html Microsoft-WIndows-XP-x64-Edition.part5.rar.html Microsoft-WIndows-XP-x64-Edition.part6.rar.html

Advance Copying

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MIcrosoft WIndows XP x64 Edition
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